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Why Choose BariBootCamp?

Why Choose Bari Boot Camp?

Bari Boot Camp’s philosophy and curriculum are backed by science and research.

Bari Boot Camp combines experience with understanding and empathy.

Bari Boot Camp treats YOU as the unique individual that you are. What are YOUR goals on your Bariatric Surgery journey?

Bari Boot Camp believes that education and empowerment are the keys to lasting health.


Bari Boot Camp doesn’t interfere with your Bariatric program; we provide additional support through every phase of your journey.

Bari Boot Camp changes with your needs; whether you are trying to lose your regained weight, maintaining your weight, actively losing or pursuing bariatric surgery, there is abundant information, support and community available to you.


Whether you desire a lot of involvement, or tend to be private, YOU decide the level that you have. 

Everyone is treated with dignity and respect-no matter what.

Join Our Community!

We're Glad You Asked!! FAQ's !

Tell Me about Membership?

Membership is $10 per month, and will give you full site  access.  Join the FORUM, where you can connect with others in our Community. You'll be able to post questions, receive support and give feedback to others.

You'll also receive the newest information on Bariatrics, research studies, news, products and great websites to check out-on the

Scroll through our Bariatric
RECIPES, RESOURCE lists, and more. You can be part of our Zoom support group and all classes, including Back on Track...


Any Member may request a private one-on-one video consultation with Catherine to discuss issues that impede their success in adopting the Bariatric lifestyle. Select MEET ONLINE WITH CATHERINE on the Home page for more details.

Is what I post on this site private or confidential?

This is a members-only site, BUT since this is NOT medical care, there is no confidentiality. Anything that you post is at your own risk, and you should assume that it is accessible to ANYONE. If you want it private or confidential-don't post it. You'll also have the ability to post with a "display name". We STRONGLY encourage all to utilize that option. Visit the My Account section of your Member area to make this change.


We do not collect private medical information. Please also thoroughly read our Terms of Use for more information.


Do you file medical claims or participate with insurance?

This is not medical care. There are no lab tests, medications, prescribed diets, or treatment of medical or surgical issues through this site. You must be enrolled in a Bariatric surgical or medical practice for those, and I require that all members have a provider that they see regularly. Research shows us that patients who regularly follow up with their Bariatric surgeon are more successful than those who don't. Consider regular Bariatric care as your first step to success.

If you have further questions, feel free to Contact Catherine using the form below!

Lotus Flowe

​​Why is the lotus flower our symbol?  Especially with the concept of "Boot Camp"? Incongruity, right?

We chose the name "Bari Boot Camp" with the slogan of "Back to Basics" because it connotes getting our behavior back to what our programs told us would work. We were attracted to the symbol for its clean, simple lines.

Bari Boot Camp offers a fresh start, feeling  renewed and energized and focused on your Bariatric Journey. Similarly, the lotus flower has meanings in various cultures as a symbol of rebirth and strength. We see this Bariatric journey in the same way.

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