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Our Philosophy:

  • That the Bariatric Journey is life-long and life-changing.

  • That we are empowered to take charge of our health through education and support.

  • That support and self-care are critical to the journey-and our well-being.

  • That it's NEVER too late.

What are your needs?

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Let's figure out what your goals are and how to get there.
Get the support
that you need to make the changes necessary...

Does Bari Boot Camp Offer Online Zoom Classes and Support Groups?

Consider our
Online Zoom Support Groups and Meeting


I Want to Be Part of a Community.
What Does Bari Boot Camp Offer?

Visit the Forum! Connect with others in our Community. Post questions, receive support, give feedback!

Learn More About How Becoming a Member of Our Community Helps Benefit You on Your Journey!

What Can Bari Boot Camp Do For Me?


Why Should I Join?

Why Should I Join?

How Do I Learn More About the "Bari Lifestyle"?

Visit Catherine's Blog for All the Information on What's New and Happening in the Bariatric Lifestyle!

Visit Catherine's Recipes - tasty selections which still help you to adhere to Bariatric guidelines!

How Do I Choose and Prepare the Right Foods?

How Can I Track My Daily Food Progress?

Visit My Food Diary!
Track Your Daily Food Intake and Calories and Keep Your Historical Data Online!

We are here to augment your practice's care.

Learn More About Our Support and Education

I'm a Bariatric Provider - How Can We Work Together to Deliver Services to My Patients?

Visit Catherine's Useful Tools!

What Additional Tools Can Bari Boot Camp Provide For Me?

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