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Welcome, Providers and Colleagues!

Welcome, Providers and Colleagues!

Our Philosophy

Bari Boot Camp is a site dedicated to assisting members with adherence to the Bariatric Lifestyle before and after weight loss surgery through support and education.


This is a “back to basics” approach emphasizing the behavioral aspects necessary after surgery to be successful-following the recommended diet, vitamin regimens, and exercise, as well as attending support groups and performing self-monitoring and care, as well as following with their Bariatric team.


I am not supplying medical or surgical care, nor will I be prescribing medications or ordering labs, x-rays, diets, or any other interventions. Members will be instructed to contact their providers if such requests are made. I do not wish to interfere in your relationship with your patients; Bari Boot Camp is here to augment your care.

What We Offer Your Patients

Our site hosts small and individual ZOOM sessions for goal setting and problem-solving, classes for getting back on track and making healthy changes,  a ZOOM support group, a support forum, educational blog, Bariatric recipes, and a food diary. We have memberships starting at $10 per month, to keep it accessible to those who wish to be involved.

I do not collect medical information. My site is private, but not confidential-though members are encouraged to adopt a user name to use while posting.

All are held to standards of mutual respect and acceptance of others; any bullying or shaming will not be tolerated. Bari Boot Camp is striving for an inclusive and safe environment and community.

Welcome, Providers and Colleagues!

Contact Us

I welcome any questions regarding our services. I am committed to this endeavor and feedback is appreciated. Feel free to contact me using the form below.


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